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Who ran the California International Marathon last weekend? I hope it went well for you.  If you tune into the 2:44-2:45 mark of the Facebook stream, you can watch women finish and realize they have qualified for the Olympic Trials. How motivating!

Personally, I ran a 5k and ran the exact same as last week at the Turkey Trot. Although, thankfully, it wasn’t 10 degrees like the last year I ran that 5k. Anyway, over on the East coast, the winter winds are growing stronger.

If you are anything like me, you hate being cold. As the weather becomes chillier, I find myself wearing gloves more often than not. My fingers and head are the first things to get cold, so I like wearing a hat and gloves anytime it falls below 45 degrees.

This week’s newsletter is all about gloves and mittens. I  think gloves or mittens are one of the best things to get a runner because they usually aren't that expensive and most people can use a pair (runners or not).

I always hesitate to do these  “round up” type of posts because many times influencers who do these only write about items they are being paid to promote. None of these brands are sponsoring the newsletter and I don’t get paid from affiliate links (IE if you buy any).

So what are some of the best gloves and mittens on the market?

First, gloves or mittens? This depends on how warm you like to be when you run. Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves because they keep your fingers pressed together, allowing retention of body heat. If you like it warmer, mittens are probably the way to go. Otherwise, it usually comes to personal preference.

A few terms to keep in mind:

  • Etip: You can use technology and touch screens while wearing the glove or mitten.

  • Wind Resistant: Will protect against piercing wind. Regular fleece gloves allow wind to pass right through.

  • Water Proof: Will keep your fingers dry if you are running through rain or if the snow melts on your glove.

  • Hot Hands: Tiny packets of disposable warmth. You can put them into your gloves. Once the package is open, they react to air and give off heat. They typically work for 6-8 hours.

Weather above 40 degrees with no wind:

All of these gloves are perfect for a day when you aren’t sure if it’s cold enough to need gloves but want to play it safe anyway. They provide just a little extra layer of protection from the elements. They won’t keep your hands dry or protect you from the wind but are warmer than nothing.

Weather between 30-40 without wind or rain:

These are gloves that will keep you warm but won’t do the job if it’s either raining or windy. The wind goes straight through soft-shelled gloves.

Weather below 30:

Once you get below 30, wind becomes irrelevant because cold is cold. Most gloves designed for temperatures below 30 have wind resistance built-in. 

Weather Below 30 degrees with rain:

Weather Below 15 degrees:

When you get into the lower temperatures, most gloves and mittens are already water and wind-resistant. This is because it's just "to be expected" those things happen. So, if it's snowing and snow melts on your glove, it won't go right through to your skin.

Like most other clothing pieces and accessories, gloves and mittens mostly come down to personal preference. I know I get cold quickly, so I prefer thicker gloves, whereas others may prefer thinner. I hope this article helps you on your hunt for the perfect running glove/ mitt!

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