LOLZletter Edition 10| Recovery and Shoe Sneak Peak

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Last week, I asked what people would like to read about this week, and 12 (yes 12!) people asked to read about recovery. I guess many people had Boston or Spring marathon recovery on their mind.

If you’ve been a blog reader for a while, you’ll know I suffered from several injuries in my early twenties. Most injuries came from not getting enough rest.

These days, I can’t get away with not taking rest. At this point, I don’t even try too. My old college coach told me that days off save seasons, and I think it’s some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten. Not only do I apply this with injuries, but also now with goal races or bigger races.

The thing is, mentally I’ve felt burned out the last few months of running. I’ll have a longer blog post about it, but running didn’t click this spring. I wanted it too, and I tried every bit to make it, but it didn’t. Running a 90 minute half marathon is great for many people, but when I used to run 1:25-1:26 on less training, it’s hard.

After the Atlantic City Half Marathon last week, I decided to give myself a nice break from running. It was awesome! I even think I might have rediscovered my love for swimming.

Anyway, whether you ran Boston or whatever, recovering is necessary.

How to Recover:


Duh. People think they need fancy recovery boots, deep tissue massages, and everything else but your body also needs good quality, rest. That doesn’t mean walking 10 miles a day, doing 6 hours of cross training, but just rest.

Active Release Technique:

I’m a big fan of active release. It flushes out the acid from your legs and muscles quicker, and you recover faster. I’ve always recovered more quickly when I opted to get a deep tissue massage or ART.

Active Release is a hands-on approach to injuries of the muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves, and the surrounding tissues. This manipulation softens and stretches the scar tissue which can result in an increased range of motion and improved circulation.  Both optimize healing.

If you are local, I highly recommend Dr. Kemenosh and his staff (and no they aren’t paying me to tell you that, and I pay the same price as every other person who goes). They have helped me in multiple situations from fixing my hip/piriformis after my last marathon to loosening up my calves, and even feet.

Deep Tissue Massages:

Slightly different than ART, deep tissue massages can get deep into the muscles and help you recover faster. It’s more beneficial to wait a few days until you’re less sore.

A deep tissue massage will probably make you sorer, and if your muscles have time to “cool off” post-race, the therapist will be able to get deeper into your muscles.


There are so many different compression brands out there. Many brands are just glorified tube socks.  I personally use CEP and have for most of my running journey.  CEP uses medical grade compression and forces blood to appropriate places.

Compression helps to enhance performance and recovery through the targeted compression which improves blood circulation and speeds up lactate metabolism.

Cross Training:

Cross training can help flush out the lactic acid. This week I’ve opted for some swimming, hikes, and walks. Getting some exercise, can help get the blood pumping. This week, I’ve done some swimming which has been excellent.

Are All Companies Coming out with an Equivalent to the 4%?

That is the rumor. I posted last week about the Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro.

This week, Hoka, teased with a new shoe coming out. (For those who thought the Carbon Rocket is their 4%…it’s not. :-)

What’s Keeping Me Entertained:

There is no box': Photographer captures girls as athletes and princesses

I loved the idea of teaching younger girls that there is “no box” and you don’t have to choose between sports and being a “girly girl.”

“Regular Guy” Stephen VanGampleare Takes the Boston Marathon Open Title

“He first started catching elites who were falling off from the first pack in the Newton Hills, and continued to overtake the early starters until he had passed roughly half of the pro field.”

I have a love/hate with the new Boston rules. First, I realize it doesn’t affect me. Second, I don’t know what the “best option” is. It’s not fair on the women’s side, but it also wasn’t fair to tell men so close to the actual race. I don’t know the answer, but I did enjoy this article.

Giveaway Winner and Another Giveaway?

The winner of last weeks Trigger Point MB5 Massage Ball is Jessica R. on twitter. Just reply here, and I’ll get it out in the mail to you!

Of course, it would make sense to have a giveaway product related to recovery this week, so I’m giving out a pair of CEP compression socks. As I mentioned, they are brand I prefer, and you almost always see me wearing them (thanks tan lines).

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