LOLZletter Edition 8| Should You Alternate Shoes?

Plus Actual Good Jackets to Run a Rainy Marathon

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So On to Content:

One of the most asked questions I get while working in a running store, is: "do I need two pairs of shoes”?

The short answer is, you don’t need anything... 

But this newsletter isn't about the short answer.

Keep in mind, your rate of injury does go up if you alternate the wrong types of shoes.  Every shoe is made for a different foot type, and if you rotate the wrong shoes (for your feet), then you will get injured. 

The first and most important thing is to make sure you are in the right type of shoe for you.

There are very few situations you should rotate a stable and neutral shoe together.  Make sure that the shoes you’ve chosen are correct for your particular gait and feet.  Every shoe is good for someone, but there is no “best shoe.”   I cannot stress how important it is to go to your local running store and get your feet analyzed.  Just because 10,000 influencers have told you the shoe is good, doesn't mean it's right for you.

But why Alternate Shoes?

Increase the Durability of Your Shoes:

Well yes, having two pairs of shoes means you use the shoe less frequently, but it also means your shoe has time to recover and bounce back from each run.

So why do shoes last longer? If you give shoes 1-2 days to “recover,”  the materials in the midsole don’t continuously compress.  Like a sponge, the cushion will fluff or bounce back closer to their original state.

Instead of getting the traditional 300-400 miles on a shoe, you might get closer to 500 or even more. 

It does naturally cost more to buy two shoes, but you are getting more for your money. Always ask your running store if they give a discount for buying two shoes.  We do where I work. 

Different Shoes are Made for Different Things:

For instance, take the Hoka Bondi versus the Nike LT Streak.

The Hoka Bondi was created for a long run, recovery run, or to withstand high mileage and training. The Nike LT Streak is designed to race.

If you raced in the Hoka Bondi, your body and feet would be working significantly harder. If you train in the Nike LT Racer, you will probably get hurt. Having each shoe serves their own purpose for the type of run/workout you want to do. I did write about racing flats here.

Every shoe has a time and place. Most companies designed a shoe with a purpose in mind. Did you know the Nike Free was not made to run long distances? It was created to strengthen your feet.

Alternating Shoes Can Prevent Injury:

As I mentioned above, this only works if you do it correctly!  While it’s not a magical way to prevent injuries, you can decrease your injury risk by alternating appropriate shoes.

Stress fractures happen from doing the same thing day in and day out.  If you run the same route, in the same shoes, every day you are more prone to an injury.  Plus as a PSA, it's just not safe. 

Even if you rotate two of the same style, then your feet are working in very similar ways.  Choosing different brands or different brand models allows your body and feet to work differently. It can decrease the stress put on any given area of your body.

Should You Rotate the Same Exact Style or Different Brands?

There are pros and cons to both. Alternating two of the same style allows each shoe to have a longer life span. Plus if you have a shoe you love, you don’t have to worry about finding a shoe you like equally as much.

Alternating different styles allows each shoe to have a longer lifespan and your foot will work differently in each shoe.  You’ll be less susceptible to injury by alternating different types or brands of shoes. 

Finally, it’s just fun.  This isn’t a scientific fact but running in different shoes is just fun. Maybe one shoe makes you feel faster. Perhaps you want a different style for your Instagram shot, whatever the case is it's just fun. Running is supposed to be fun right?

Rain Jackets?

I wanted to add a second piece this week because Boston has potential to rain, and it’s raining across the Northeast all week. If you came for a good rain jacket, you’ve come to the right spot. I’m not paid by any of these brands but do know rain jackets well.

I recently wrote this post for breaking down rain jackets. While you will see many people posting about the Brooks Canopy Jacket, most Brooks Influencers got that for free. It’s not to say the jacket isn’t good, but it’s not 100% waterproof. You will still get wet. In 40 degree and wind, it’s going to be cold. If you run a marathon, you won’t stay completely dry and will be a soggy, cold, mess by the end.

It’s a good jacket, but not a jacket, I would personally for racing a cold, windy, rainy marathon.

Gore doesn’t pay me, but I recommend them. I’ve run several torrential downpour 30-40 degree races, unzipped my jacket and been dry. Yes, they are pricy, but they are also waterproof. I’ve logged hundreds of miles in mine and works as good as day 1. They are also breathable so even if it’s 50 degrees and you sweat, your sweat isn’t going to cause you to become cold from the inside out. (Most rain jackets lock your sweat inside the jacket. They don’t let rain in, but also don’t let sweat out).

I was able to do some digging and found a few on sale at Sierra Trading Post right now. Keep in mind, if you are on the fence about size go up. They run on European sizes which are smaller than the US.

I wear a small top in almost everything and have a medium jacket which fits perfectly. Here are a few for around $50-60. The sizing is limited, but you’ll never find a better deal (I don’t get paid for plugging this).

For Women

For Men

Article of the Week:

How Asics Plans to Dominate the Running Market — Again:

It’s no secret, Asics is not doing well in the industry right now. I’m surprised they sit at 3rd overall right now (behind Brooks/New Balance), and I would have put Nike and Hoka in front. 

Anyway, this article was interesting in how they “plan to get back to the top.” I have a pair of the Metaride but have you seen me post about it? No. I tried to run in them, but they felt like cinderblocks on my feet (and I used to be an Asics Nimbus diehard!). 

Hey, at least they gave running specialty new tech reps, so they are moving in some direction. (LOL).

Last but not Least: A Giveaway!

Finally, this week I’m giving away a four pack of collagen water to someone who shares. It’s no secret I use Vital Proteins collagen every day, and I’ve written plenty about it from hair benefits to recovery benefits.

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