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Hint: Cold showers don't always help

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I've now been back in the desert for a week, and boy do I feel the differences from the east coast to the west coast. Both are difficult but in different ways! We know by now running in the summer is hard and sometimes even dangerous. Your paces will be slower. It will feel harder. But maybe that is also what makes fall running so great! 

This newsletter is inspired after sitting in a pool after a humid run in Virginia. After a run, you want to cool off quickly. When I was back in Virginia, I came back drenched in sweat and sat in a pool immediately. I couldn't even tell the difference between sweat and pool water. Now on the West Coast, I come back fairly dry, but I've sweat a lot...it's just evaporated.

Anyway, we know the importance of staying cool while running, but what about after?

How can you quickly cool off after a run?

Get Wet: 

If you are ending at your house, take a shower or sit in a cool pool. You can also use your hose or whatever resources you have. Kids pool? Sure, why not. Actual pool? Of course. Laying in a sprinkler? Yes! Your neighbor's high-tech sprinklers? You should probably ask before... 

Instead of Cold Shower, Take a "Luke Warm Shower"

Ok, that sounds like it makes zero sense. But something I learned in my research about summer running is, cold showers actually decrease blood flow to the skin. This means our core temperature will rise, and you just feel hot again. So cold showers feel nice in the moment, but they won't help you cool off. After your cold shower, you are more likely to sweat again. You can read more about it here.

Sit in Front of Something Cold:

Whether that is the air conditioner, a fan, or vent, sit in front of something that will cool you off fast. If you drove somewhere, it works out well with your car AC.

Change Your Clothing:

Once you get home, take off your sweaty clothing. Sweaty clothing can actually trap heat on your body, helping you sweat more but not cool down as fast. It can be easy to chill in sweaty clothing, but it will usually make you hotter. Plus, you just feel gross. 

Drink Something Cold:

Having a recovery drink is essential, but mixing it with something cold will help cool you down faster. Drinking a cup of ice-cold water (or electrolyte drink) will help speed up your cooling down process. When I lived on the East Coast, I would sometimes eat frozen grapes after a run. It helped cool me off and get calories in post-run. Plus, they just taste good.

Take a 5 Minute Walk:

Instead of directly going indoors or sitting inside, take a 5-minute walk to cool down and cool off. This is going to help you cool off and lower your heart rate.

Wait until you are completely cooled off and done sweating to shower:

After a hot run, you might want to shower RIGHT NOW. I know I do! But waiting until you are completely done sweating is better. If you shower too soon, you will continue to sweat, and the shower probably won't help much minus "feed good"ā€

No one wants to sweat for hours after their run. We usually have things to do, and sitting around sweating all day is not one of them. Stay safe and stay cool.

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