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This week's newsletter is all about easy runs and slowing down your runs. As I've mentioned in my training log, I've increased my mileage higher than it's been in a couple of years. While my legs have felt pretty good, with the increase, I've also focused on running the appropriate paces at the appropriate times.  

For me, I don't use a watch on most of my easy runs. I couldn't tell you if I've run 10:03 pace or 9:52 and honestly, I don't care. In fact, writer and friend, Amanda, included me in an article about my minimal watch usage.

Last year, at the New York City Marathon, I watched many Kenyan and Ethiopian runners warm-up, including winner Geoffrey Kamworor.  They warmed up by walk running or jogging. They weren't going faster than 12 minutes per mile. If a 12-minute mile is good enough for someone running a marathon under a 5-minute pace, I think it's good for most people.

You can't run your easy runs "too easy." It should be as slow as your body allows.  A general rule of thumb is a pace you could probably run indefinitely.

Most long-term readers of my blog, know that I am injury prone.  In my early 20s, I had a couple of stress fractures, which showed me very quickly that easy runs and rest days can save a season.  There have been many times I've asked someone I'm running with, "Can we slow down?" because 9 or 9:30 miles felt too challenging. The key is to listen to your body.

Why Run Easy? 

It seems counterproductive but lower intensity running allows you to remove lactic acid and waste out of your body. Running easy also allows for your body to begin muscle repair.

Most people know workouts and races cause damage to muscles. The muscles become irritated or inflamed. An easy, recovery run works the muscles by increasing blood flow to the area.

Benefits of Easy Runs:

  • Help Build Your Base.

  • Contribute to mileage with less stress

  • Increase blood flow to your legs

The Mental Side: 

Easy and recovery running also provides the relaxing side that most of us came to the sport for. You don't need to worry about hitting a pace, workout, or time; you just run. You do what feels good. You can run and chat with friends, zone out, or take in the scenery versus focusing on hitting X pace.

So How Do You Do It? How Do You Run Easy?

The short answer is: You do. You let go of your ego and just run.

Let Go of Your Watch:

If you find yourself too focused on the pace, don't turn on your watch. Find a loop that you know the mileage and just run. 

Run for Time:

Turn the timer on. Instead of running 6 miles, run for 60 minutes, or whatever. If you run 5.3 miles in 60 minutes, or 6.7 miles, you'll never know. 

Run-on Grass or Easy Trails:

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do some easy trail running. I couldn't have been running faster than 13-minute miles, but it felt good to get my body moving and enjoy the sun.  The trails take less impact on your body and allow you to recover.  Plus, it works completely different muscles.

Can you Talk?

One of the easiest ways to figure out if your easy runs are too fast is trying to talk. If you can't have full sentences and talk through your run, it's too fast. If you find yourself out of breath or are struggling to have a conversation, you are probably running too quickly.

Easy runs are essential to overall recovery and without them, you'll get injured, burnout, or both. 

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