LOLZLetter 49 | How Many Running Shoes do YOU Really Need for Training?

Welcome back!

It's 2020, and we're in the meat and potatoes of January. We are finally enough away from the holidays that it feels like a new month. Sadly, for many of us on the East Coast...not many races.

The weather finally turned to actual winter, so it feels like January and not May. If you ran the Houston Half or Full Marathon or RnR Arizona, I hope you achieved your goals.

So let’s get into it. A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation at RunningCo. of Haddonfield about all things running shoes. One of the questions asked was, I know I should alternate running shoes, but how many do I need”?

As most runners know, alternating running shoes will benefit most runners. Whether you are just starting out, walk-running, training for a marathon, or somewhere in between, it's beneficial to rotate your shoes. I've written about the benefits of alternating running shoes in the newsletter before. (You can look at all of the newsletters here.)

Many people really want to know:

How many pairs of running shoes do I really need?

Realistically, the answer is one. You can do every run in the same shoes and you'll be fine. But if you want to run your best? You need more than one.

Keep in mind that your rate of injury goes up if you alternate the wrong types of shoes. Every shoe is made for a different foot type, and if you rotate the wrong shoes for your feet, then you will get injured, and you'd be better off without alternating shoes. Go to your local running store and talk to the pros; don't ask your best friend or the internet what shoe they like.

Why You Should Alternate Shoes:

Increase the Durability of Your Shoes: Having two pairs of shoes means you use each pair less frequently, which gives them time to recover and bounce back from each run. If you give shoes 1-2 days to “recover,” the materials in the midsole don’t continuously compress. Like a sponge, the cushion will fluff or bounce back closer to its original state.

Different Shoes are Made for Different Things: Every shoe has a time and place. I'll talk about those below. Most companies design a shoe with a purpose in mind.

Alternating Shoes Can Prevent Injury: As I mentioned above, this only works if you do it correctly! While it’s not a magical way to prevent injuries, you can decrease your injury risk by appropriate alternating shoes.

So How Many Shoes Do You Need?

More can be better (to a point), but there's no need to waste money on things you don't like. Most runners can benefit from a 3 shoe rotation.

What are those 3 Shoes?

1. Your everyday trainer: This is the tried and true everyday trainer. You'll run most of your easy runs in these. It might have more cushion to keep your body healthy. There is no such thing as too much cushion with this trainer. The more cushion, the less impact your body takes. A few examples of this include: Hoka Clifton 6, Saucony Triumph 17, Brooks Glycerin 17, Brooks Ghost 12 

2. Your Faster Long Run Shoe: This is a shoe that might be slightly lighter than your everyday trainer. It has a little less cushion. It's the shoe you'll probably do faster long runs or tempos in. This shoe will be the same shoe you run a half or full marathon in. A few examples of this include: New Balance 890v7, Hoka One One CavuHoka One One Carbon X Shoe Review, Nike Pegasus Turbo 2

3. Your Race Shoe or Track Workout Shoe: This is the most minimalist shoe in your arsenal. It's the shoe you lace up and you know it's going to be a fast day. There isn't enough cushion to do long runs and you certainly can't train hard in it. Theoretically, you could use the faster long run shoe for track workouts and races too.  This is more of a 5k-10k shoe. This A few examples of this include Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro,Nike Next%, Hoka One One Carbon RocketNike Streak Lt 4

The Bonus Shoe:

Depending on your personal preferences, you might even want two different high cushion everyday trainers. For me personally, I have 3 different high cushion trainers I like to alternate throughout the week. The day after a hard effort, I like a super high cushioned shoe like the Hoka Bondi. I know I'm only setting records for how slow I can go that day, so I want the extra cushion (and so does my body). Then for regular in-between, easy days, I alternate between the New Balance 1080v10 and New Balance Fuel Cell Echo.

Something to keep in mind is that many shoes fall along a grey area. The New Balance Fuel Cell Rebel was my marathon racing shoe. I will use it for long fast runs, but others prefer it as an everyday trainer. The Altra Escalante 2 is a shoe I can use for faster runs, but many people use it for a trainer too. It all depends on your foot type, and it's important to experiment with what works the best for you.

You don't need to have more than one shoe, but having more than one shoe maximizes your running capability. It's important to make sure that all of your shoes match your foot type. Alternating between the wrong shoes will only injure you.

What is Keeping Me Entertained?

NIKE BLOW Controversial Nike Vaporfly shoes worn by Kipchoge for fastest-ever marathon to be BANNED due to super springy soles : While, I do think they should ban or limit these shoes, all of the articles so far have been tabloids or speculation. Runners World wrote, “according to speculation.” Nothing concrete has come out yet and announcements about the Nike 4% are expected at the end of the month.

Canada's Malindi Elmore returns to the marathon at 39 after lengthy break Elmore was a 2004 Olympian. At the Houston Marathon, she ran a 2:24.50. Canada’s Marathon Team selection process is different, but I hope she gets selected.

Highlights From the 2020 Houston Marathon and Half Marathon

UK Anti-Doping insists it will not release Mo Farah samples for Wada inquiry into athletes trained by Alberto Salazar. If you’re a clean athlete, why not allow your samples to be retested to clear your name?

Getting Blood Tested with Inside Tracker

Shoe Review: Asics Cumulus 21 Shoe Review


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LOLZLetter 48 | Buying Running Shoes

Plus a Hylands Giveaway

Welcome Back!

Last week, I gave a presentation at RunningCo. of Haddonfield about finding your best running shoes. Thank you to everyone who came out, and it was a lot of fun. Who knew we could talk about shoes until nearly 10 pm?

Many people asked if I would share some of the points on the newsletter. The talk itself covered a variety of topics, but the two main points we focused on were finding your best running shoes and carbon plated running shoes.

The newsletter might be 10,000 words if I tried to look at both topics in one issue, so I'll keep this issue to finding a running shoe for you, then carbon plated shoes. (The closer we get to the Olympic Marathon Trials, it’s more likely a few more brands will launch their carbon plated shoe). Why? Because technically all (prototype) shoes used by elite runners at the trails should be available to us too.

As most people know, I work in a running specialty store. Most people come in and don't know what they are looking for. They tend to say, "I have the worst feet in the world."

The shoe problem is often solved by asking one question. 

The Short Answer:

Ask yourself:

Does it feel good when you put it on? 

If yes, then run in it. When running, does it feel good?

Yes? It's the right shoe for you. 

No? If it doesn’t feel good, it's not the right shoe for you. 

The Longer Answer:

Here are a few essential details you should look at: 

Size (Length): 

Do not buy your shoes too small.  I cannot emphasize this enough. 

During the day, your feet can swell and lengthen anywhere from a half size to a full size. You may usually be a size 8, but over the course of the day you may find your feet swell to an 8 ½ or size 9 shoe.  This is magnified during running!  Always make sure there is a thumb’s width of space between your biggest toe and the end of the shoe.

It comes as a surprise to some people, but yes, your feet lengthen over time and age, so make sure you get your measured frequently.  When the last time you got your foot measured? If it was more than five years ago or after any life event, including trauma, breaking a bone, or pregnancy, get them measured.

After putting your shoes on, make sure you can wiggle all of your toes.  If you can’t, the shoe is too tight or too narrow. Put it back on the shelf! 

Your running shoes should always be your biggest shoe. No exceptions. Stop losing toenails because your shoe is too small. 

Size (Width): 

The width of a shoe is one of the most underlooked aspects of a shoe.  Most running specialty stores carry at least a wide, if not double wide!  Do not be scared to go into a wider shoe.  If you are getting holes on the side of your shoe from your pinkie toe, this could be a sign the shoe is too narrow. 

Having extra room is always better than not enough.  I never knew I needed a wide until working at the store. One of my most popular blog posts is still about “should you lose toenails while running.”


In any running shoe, your heel should feel snug and secure but never tight or pinching. If you feel as though you are “slipping,” lace your shoe to the final eyelet.  You can learn the runner's knot here. 

The heel should never feel tight; there can be a little bit of movement.  Remember, if the heel feels uncomfortable in the store, then it won’t feel good while running.


You can be fit into the appropriate shoe, but it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t the right one for you.  You just want a shoe that feels good.  You don't want a shoe that “you’ll have to get used to or break-in.”

Some important tips: 

  • Be wary of a shoe you think you’ll need to “get used to.”

  • Don’t get a shoe to alter to your stride; this will create many more issues.  

  • Running Stores recommend taking the shoe for a quick run in the store.  Those initial few steps often can give you an immediate yes or no.  Also, most running stores have an exchange policy to work with you if the shoe isn’t the right fit after all.

With so many different shoes out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you.  Remember, there is no right or wrong answer but only select and wear what feels good and keeps you injury-free. 

What is Keeping Me Entertained? 

IOC details rules on political protests at Olympics No taking a knee at the Olympics. No hand gestures with political meaning. No disrespect at medal ceremonies.

Neely Spence Gracey to Seek OTQ at Houston; First Marathon in Over Three Years Spence is a powerful athlete. Just four years ago, we thought she might be one of the top contenders of 2020. I never rule her out and I am excited to see how she does!

Podcast: Clean Sport Collective with Steve Magness Magness worked alongside Salazar, and the interview is raw and open. I appreciated Kara Goucher saying: no one knows what they would do unless in that situation. It’s true, we can all point fingers and say, “I would never do that,” but until you’re in the situation, you don’t know.

Wilson Kipsang banned in doping case: This is huge! Kipsang, a former marathon world-record holder and Olympic bronze medalist, was provisionally suspended for whereabouts failures and tampering, according to doping officials. He missed multiple drug tests. You don’t just miss these things; it’s avoidance. In case you didn’t know, Kipsang is THE ONLY man ever to beat Kipchogue. (I’m all fired up, can you tell?)

Gear Review: Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra 8L Hydration Vest Review

Shoe Review: Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review

Giveaway and Giveaway Winner:

The winner from last week's giveaway for Yaxtrax is Rachel P., who shared on Facebook.

This week's giveaway is for a Hyland's Variety Pack. Hyland's is a homeopathic company driven by the simple scientific proof of how the body can call upon its own natural defenses to heal and restore balance. My favorite product is the Muscle Therapy which alleviates sore muscles. You don't need to be running to utilize these products and they are great for any recovery. 

The giveaway will give one lucky subscriber the following:

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LOLZLetter 47 | Are We More Likely to Get Injured in the Winter?

Plus a Giveaway

Welcome to the First Newsletter of 2020!

For some, today is the first day back to routine after what seems like years. If you live in the East, you'll know we've been fairly lucky with the weather this winter. A few years ago, it was around 0 degrees on New Year’s Day. I remember thinking, “Do I want to race?” but ultimately decided to run on my treadmill indoors. This year, it was 35 degrees. 

I like doing New Years' races and for 2020, I made a trip to Delaware and ran a 10k.  I ran it faster than any 10k in 2019, so it was an excellent start to the New Year. Many blog readers are familiar that my goal is to get close to PRing shape in 2020.

Anyway, enough about me! The winter months are where Spring PRs are made, but we are most likely to get injured in the winter. Why is that? 

No one wants to get injured. In a perfect world, we would go from a training cycle to the training cycle, healthy and injury-free. Right? In my mind, at least. As someone who has been injured several times, injuries stink, whether it’s a week off or a month.

Recently I learned you’re more likely to get injured in the colder months and I wanted to know why!  Is it because we are running more on the treadmill?  On slick surfaces? On layers of snow and ice? How can I (a non-elite runner) do my best to prevent these injuries?

So What Factors Lead to a Higher Injury Risk in the Winter?

Muscles are not always warmed up when we start running.  Do you feel great at 0 degrees? Probably not.  How Can you Prevent that?

Dress for the Weather: 

Wear moisture-wicking clothing and layer, layer, layer. Every person is different and it will take time to figure out how much clothing feels best for you. If done appropriately, you will feel cold the first mile, but your body will warm up. You don’t want to overheat at 0 degrees and find yourself sweating, followed by the sweat freezing against your body.

You might need a longer warm-up and cool down:

If you find yourself racing in the cold weather, don’t be afraid to do a longer warm-up and cool down, so your body gets adequately ready for the race. Proper warm-ups allow less strain on your body and cooldowns allow your body not to feel as stiff. A few times last year, I ran my warm-up on a treadmill inside, then ran the workout outdoors. That way, my body warmed up before heading into the frigid weather.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Where You Run:

If you got a foot of snow, take your run indoors.  Make sure to accommodate the weather and do what is best for you. Here are a few ways to accommodate recent snow or cold weather:

  • Run on a treadmill. Treadmills aren’t bad; you need to reframe your mindset. (first, don’t call it a dreadmill)

  • Run on an indoor track. Make sure to switch directions if possible, so you don’t strain your body.

  • Run Small Loops: If you recently got a lot of snow, don’t be afraid to run small loops around your neighborhood. Does anyone want to run 10X1 mile loops? No, but at least you can run!

Add Traction:

Sometimes you need more traction. Consider a trail shoe or Yaktrax if you are running through compact snow.  When your body slips and slides on snow, you can strain calves, quads, or hamstrings.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Fuel Properly:

This is advice, any time of the year, but when it’s cold, you don’t always feel thirsty.  This can be the worst thing and don’t forget to hydrate as you regularly would. Bonking in cold weather means you’re walking home and that isn’t pleasant either.

If you plan and adjust properly, you can stay healthy through the winter and reach Spring PRs.

Things Keeping Me Entertained:

Ali on the Run Show Episode 197: Aisha Praught Leer

For the Long Run Pod: Amelia Boone: Training and racing with an ever evolving Why

Olympic runner Molly Huddle: It's time to criminalize doping conspiracies in athletics

Camille Herron Never Accepts ‘No’ for an Answer

Jenny Simpson on 2020 Resolutions, Winter Training, and Being a Night Owl

Shoe Review: Nike Pegasus 36 All-purpose trainer (plus recommendations if you are trying to get out of Nike).

#2020trashthetrash This year, my New Years Resolution is to get rid of something every day of 2020 that isn't serving me positively: either physically, mentally, or digitally. A few people asked to make an Instagram, so I did.

Plus, Calling Anyone Local! On Wednesday, I’ll be giving a talk about Carbon Plated Shoes and their predicted future. If you’re local, you should come! It’s free.


It’s been a few issues since we've had a giveaway! In keeping with the theme this week, I'll be giving away a pair of Yaktrax! All you have to do is share the newsletter, tag me, and share your favorite way to stay healthy during the winter. 

The more times and ways you share, the more entries you get (there is no limit). Just make sure you tag me or let me know.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share the newsletter and help it grow. Just 6 more newsletters to 52 and I’m hoping to get 1500 readers by the 52nd week. I’m behind in reaching that goal so far, so any share helps (and enters you in the giveaway).


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LOLZLetter Edition 45| Best Professional Running Moments of 2019

Tis the season for the last newsletter of 2019!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Hopefully, you are enjoying a relaxing time with family and friends if you're running a New Year’s Race on Wednesday, good luck! I've lost track of days, and I almost forgot it was Monday and newsletter day.

The newsletter this week is sponsored by CAULIPOWER.  They are currently offering $2 off coupons for their brand new tortillas.

Since it's the last newsletter of 2019, I thought I would share some of the Best Professional Running Moments from the year.

Road Races:

Kipchoge Breaks 2 Hours in the Marathon:

To be honest, if it ever came out that Kipchoge wasn't clean my heart would be broken. In his interviews, he seems like a man who loves running. The Sub, 2-hour attempt was meant to see how fast we could make the human body go. Everyone knows, it "wouldn't count," blah blah, but the fact that he did it is incredible.  Plus, when you win every race you enter, what's next? Your time is your only competition. You can read more here.

Kosgei Shocks Everyone in Chicago:

At the Chicago Marathon, Brigid Kosgei ran a 2:14:04 and smashed the World Record. Was it her training? Was it the shoes? She led the race out of the gate and set the World Record. You can read more here.

Jenny Simpson Wins her 8th Road Avenue Mile:

8 time champion! Simpson has had a longer career than most and to win an event eight years in a row is almost unheard of. I had the honor to meet Simpson at the New York City Marathon and she is one of the most humble runners I've come into contact with. She asked me about my race LOL! You can read more here.

Kenenisa Bekele Almost Breaks Marathon World Record:

Bekele won the Berlin Marathon in 2:01:41, only 2 seconds off Kipchoge’s World Record. For Bekele, it was an 80 second PR! Bekele has been in the sport for nearly 20 years and won both the 5000 and 10000 in the Olympics in 2004!  You can read more here.

Joan Benoit Samuelson Runs at 3:04 at Boston:

Joan Benoit Samuelson was the first woman to win Boston 40 years ago. Samuelson's goal was to run within 40 minutes of her winning time 40 years ago at 1979 Boston, which was 2:35:15. This year, Samuelson, age 61, ran a 3:04 and within 30 minutes! You can read more here.

Trail Races and Ultras:

Jim Walmsley Breaks Western States Record:

Walmsley wins Western States (again) and breaks his own record, running 14 hours and 9 minutes. Proving he has range, qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials, broke the 50-mile record in May, and won the 42K at the World Mountain Running Championships. Next thing you know, he'll be running a 12 minute 5k. You can read more here.

Maggie Guterl Ran 250 Miles to Win Big's Backyard Ultra:

One of the most underrated performances this year in my opinion. Maggie Guterl became the first woman to win the Big Dog Backyard Ultra, the race with no end. Participants have 60 minutes to run a four-mile trail loop through the woods. At the top of the hour, if you are able, you do it again...and again, until the last person is standing. You can read more here.


Dalilah Muhammad Breaks Her Own 400m Hurdle Record: 

She set the world record in July when she won the USATF Outdoor Championships in 52.20. She broke her record at the IAAF World Championships in Doha to 52.16. You can read more here.

Sifan Hassan won two gold medals that no one else has:

While Hassan has never been proven anything other than clean, her associations worry me since Alberto Salazar coached her. My question is, why even associate with someone like that? Never the less, she won two gold medals that no one else has. In Doha, she won both the 10,000 and 1,500-meter final 3 days later. You can read more here.


Not a Race but Important: U.S. Anti-Doping Agency announced Nike Oregon Project coach Alberto Salazar had a 4-year ban:

Arguably one of the most important things to happen to US Distance Running. Salazar coached some of the fastest runners in the sport. You can read more here.

Bourbon is Whisky Larry:

Why is Des Linden so cool? You can watch the one-liner from Des here. 

Shalane Announces Retirement:

Shalane is one of the best distance runners in the country and in October, she announced she would retire and coach.  She needs no introduction but has won:

  • 2017 New York City Marathon

  • Silver medal at the 2008 Olympics in the 10,000 meters

  • 4 Olympic Teams (i.e., been on a world stage for over 16 years)

You can read more about her retirement here.

Running Related Articles of 2019:

Many people know that 2019 also brought some big conversations to the table, including women's equality and sports.

Lindsay Crouse wrote Nike Told Me to Dream Crazy Until I Wanted a Baby.  One of the most powerful pieces highlighting that Nike didn't pay their athletes during pregnancy or they must take a reduction.

She also wrote:  I Was the Fastest Girl in America Until I Joined Nike.

Those Super Fast Shoes are Creating a Problem

Wherever you stand on the Vaporfly Shoes, it's becoming clear they are making an unfair playing field for athletes. While any brand can add a carbon plate, Nike has a patent of how the carbon plate can be applied in the foam (which creates the problem). The Hoka Carbon X and Carbon Rocket or the New Balance 5280 are not quite the same. They don't have the same "advantage." When the US Women's Marathon Team may come down to a couple of seconds, the shoe could very well play a role.

Now, it appears Nike made a Sprinting Shoe of similar fashion that will impact the sport even more. Taking even a fraction of a millisecond in sprinting times can make all of the difference.

Finally, as a reminder, as we wrap 2019 up, you'll see a lot of "Best of 2019 Posts". No one's life is perfect and you shouldn't compare yourself and your year to someone's "best of."  For every highlight, there is a lowlight.  This thread by A.C. Shelton summarizes it perfectly.

Finally, thank you to CAULIPOWER for sponsoring the newsletter this week. I've been enjoying them for on the go wraps, plus $2 off coupons make them fairly inexpensive. 

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Happy New Year!

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LOLZLetter Edition 45 | A Last Minute Gift Giving Guide


Happy Holidays! Hopefully, you’re off or this is your last full day of work for the week. If not, hopefully, you’re able to get some time off soon – even if just in the nick of time to get your holiday shopping done!

Those of you who are already off: have you gotten your holiday shopping done? If you’re anything like me, you probably wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping. This doesn’t always work out in the best way for me, given that I work in retail and usually have to travel to see my family. 

This year, I was forced to get my shopping done early. (And by early, I mean yesterday - literally, I got all of my holiday shopping done on Sunday).  If you think about it, it's still four days before Christmas – in my books, that’s early. 

This week’s newsletter is going to be slightly different. It's the first newsletter that isn't running focused (and maybe the only one).

I’m sure you have enough stress in your life between the shopping, cooking, and traveling.

But let’s face it, most of your family members probably aren’t runners. (In fact, you might have started running just to get some” you time” away from them). So, this week, I’m coming to you with some holiday gift ideas that can be of interest to anyone, runner or not.

So, You waited until the Last Minute to Buy your Loved One a Gift?

Imagine the following scenario:

You're heading home or away for the holidays. You realize you’ve bought gifts for all of your immediate family: sisters, brothers, parents, children, kids...but you forgot about Great Aunt twice removed Sue, who you met once after having a few cocktails last season. What do you do?! You’re already en route to the family so spending hours at Target to find the “perfect gift” for Great Aunt Sue, isn’t an option.

Here are some Awesome Gifts You Can Buy in the next 24 Hours that Everyone is Guaranteed to Use:

(Maybe even on Christmas at your local drug store...)

Socks: Most people need socks just as much as underwear. Since it’s awkward to buy someone underwear…stick with socks. You might not want to learn someone’s underwear preference. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Above age 60: usually prefer cotton tube socks.

  • Between age 20-60: prefer no show socks.

  • Under age 19: prefer two different socks that don't match.

  • Cat Owners: Prefer socks with cats on them. 

Towel: Most people shower. Logically, after taking a shower, you must dry off. A towel is an excellent way to do that. Heck, you can even personalize and glitter gun the towel  if you are the crafty type.  Or gift it to them in a towel animal form as they do on cruise ships – Fun and functional! 

Tweezers: Tweezers are one of the most universal items out there!

  • Do you have an emergency eyebrow hair in the way?

  • Do you have to tweeze out a splinter?

You never know when those guys will come in handy.

Calendar: Since most people have their personal planner preference (or none at all), it’s wise to go with a wall calendar. The last thing you want is to give someone a planner they won't use – especially since they can’t be recycled year to year. But calendars, someone could hang in each room of their house!

I recommend sticking with a plain calendar because you don’t really ever know how much someone likes cats (obviously anyone who doesn’t is weird).

Finally, if you have a day to be crafty, another recommendation is making a personalized calendar.  Take 12 selfies, get them printed out and paste them on a printed calendar of your choice. Be warned: this is a bit more work and you’ll wonder how much you really like Great Aunt Sue but she’ll love it. Bonus: You'll look crafty too!

If all else fails, go for the Gift Card: I get it…you want the receiver to unwrap something. So wrap the gift card in the biggest packing box you can find, throw some tissue paper in you’ll be fine. They unwrap something under the tree, and you don’t have to worry about a return. Alternative options include putting a 20 dollar bill inside a box but hoping it doesn’t somehow get lost.

Bonus: If they are the parents of cats,  or small kids, or cats, their children can play in the boxes.  Double gift giving!

Selfishly, if you want to gift a gift to me, you can share the newsletter.

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On that note, have a Happy Holidays.

What is Keeping Me Entertained?

Des Linden Explains Her 2020 Decision: “I’m Planning for Three Marathons”

All Ages, All Abilities: Club Cross Country Brings All Kinds of Runners Together

Lower Mileage, Less Stress Helped This Former Pro Steeplechaser Become an OTQ Marathoner (Plus she’s from NJ!)

Do you REALLY Need Insoles or Custom Orthotics for Running?

Altra Escalante 2.0 Shoe Review

Giveaway Winner:

The winner of the Yaktrax is Sarah L who shared on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who shared. 

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